Pandit: Nilesh Parashar


Narayan Nagbali is a three day ritual performed at Ujjain and consists of two different rituals.

It consists of two important rituals namely Narayan Bali and Nag Bali, performed on the first and second day respectively. The third day is reserved for a ritual called Ganesh Pujan ,Punya Wachan & Nag Pujan.

This ritual is performed to appease Lord Narayana for an individual who has undergone an abnormal, unnatural or untimely death. The 40th chapter of the Garuda Purana is dedicated to the Narayan Bali Rites. Narayan bali is a necessary ritual which is performed to relieve the dead person's soul who has undergone abnormal death whereas Nag bali is done to get rid of the sin caused by killing a snake, especially a cobra, which is worshiped throughout India.

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